OMG...what can we say?!!! Diane made our special day magical, seamless...and just absolutely phenomenal! Diane, thank you so much...for all that you are and all that you do! After all of the time and planning invested, the day could not have been more amazing! Everything happened in divine order and we're so glad you were apart of it. We've received so many compliments on the wedding, ... "this was the best wedding we've ever attended ...this looked like something out of the movies!" Thank you for helping to bring our vision to fruition. Your experience, calming demeanor and beautiful spirit was everything! We can't thank you enough for a spectacular moment! We miss you!! It truly feels like this moment was not supposed to end. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Diane! If you want a FABULOUS WEDDING, BOOK HER NOW!! Thank you!! ❤🥰😘💃🏾🥂 Kevin & Barbara

- Kevin & Barbara:

Diane, I wanted to let you know how very pleased the entire family was about how wonderful Jasmine and Greg’s wedding was on Friday evening. In the midst of beltway accidents and a hard to please mother of the bride and too few hostesses and the sheer whirlwind of drama, you were as cool as a cucumber and you made it happen…I will forever be grateful to you. By God’s grace and your total professionalism, it was a stunning success. You gave us something we will all remember and cherish forever. Thank you again…I love you.

- Deborah: (Mother of the Bride)

If you are looking for a wedding planner who brings a high level of professionalism, dedication, and hard work in making your dream wedding a reality, then I highly recommend Covenent Weddings. Covenant Weddings was given the opportunity to implement our wedding plans in July. The wedding was so successful, everyone that was in attendance has given our special day rave reviews. All the attendance that I have spoken with have commented that our 25th Wedding Anniversary vows renewal was one of the best, well planned, and organized wedding they have every seen.

- Jean Francis: Clinton, MD

I went in to meet with Diane the owner of Covenant Weddings with a clear vision of how I pictured my wedding. I wanted it to be very elegant & romantic but I also wanted it to be very personal and capture the essence of me & fiancé Derrick. Never in a million years did I expect our wedding to be as spectacular as it was. Diane’s attention to detail, her unyielding compassion for what she does, and her personality are all attributes that contributes to the success of Covenant Weddings. God has truly blessed her with an amazing gift of creativity. From the very beginning to the end, Mrs. Diane George & the staff of Covenant Weddings were extremely professional, courteous, and attentive. Because of their organization skills and attention to detail, my fiancé and I were able to completely enjoy our wedding and live in the moment. We did not have to worry about anything going wrong, or any unforeseen issues because we knew that Diane & her staff were more than capable of handling it. I would recommend Covenant Weddings to any Bride & Groom who imagine the perfect wedding. Other married women kept telling me “don’t get upset if everything doesn’t go right, because something will definitely go wrong”. I can honestly say, that our wedding day was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. We were complimented by our guest that our wedding was “the best wedding they had ever been attended.” Our wedding and Reception went so smoothly. I am assured it is all because of Mrs. Diane George and the Covenant Wedding Staff that our wedding was even better that what we dreamt and for these reasons, Covenant Weddings are THE BEST WEDDING PLANNERS!

- Nicole and Derrick: Chapman Wedding Date ~ June 17, 2006 Washington, DC


- Elnita Curtis-Maldonado: Gaithersburg, MD

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